Developing a starting problem...Resolved

Re: Developing a starting problem...REsolved

Postby M60NJP » 18 May 2017, 19:01

Thankfully (?) it wasn't the immobiliser.

I managed to source a replacement starter motor through a local (ahem) stockist at not too much money - and it went in to my local indie Autowerx in MK yesterday. As it was an intermittent fault the diagnosis was a bit hit and miss and although they were fairly sure it wasn't the starter motor, we had it changed anyway as the labour cost had pretty much already been spent. They were right though and the fault eventually reappeared and stayed for an hour of so.

No fault codes and it was traced to the back of the keyhole which was a £50 part from BMW. Reassembled today and so far, so good. Can't really be sure as it needs a few 'uses' as it sometimes took a few days pre-repair for the fault to reappear.

Fingers crossed. Owner now wants a post-2009 23i instead having saved a few pennies since starting work!

One scratched alloy to be repaired early next month and it's ready for Gorinchem.
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Re: Developing a starting problem...Resolved

Postby Metroreg » 18 May 2017, 19:16

Glad you got it fix Neal, ready for its trip in the next couple of weeks time


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