How to replace PDC sensor BMW E39 2003 530D

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How to replace PDC sensor BMW E39 2003 530D

Post by Mollop » 10 Dec 2016, 18:15

This must be one of the easiest jobs I have ever done. If you know what you are doing you could do this in about 3 minutes.
First buy your sensor, about £10 from Amazon and made in Germany.
I then used the end of a paint brush shaved down to about 10mm x 2mm to prize up the strip (my duff sensor was the in passenger side) then carefully lift the strip far enough out to access the sensor. I did spray down the sides of the sensor with WD40 just in case it was a bit stuck. Then open both wings enough to remove the old one, then take the plug off, plug into new sensor, plug the new sensor back into the strip, click the strip back in and thats it.
I now have to remove it again and spray the end silver and replace it again.
Cannot believe how simple it was, on some models you have to remove the bumper !!

Regards Cliff

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