Auto stop/start

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Auto stop/start

Post by longitude » 11 Apr 2018, 18:49

I've recently purchased a diesel X1 which I absolutely love. It's taken a while to get my head round all the features and toys that come with a BMW(my first) but that's all a part of new ownership.
I've not had a car before where the engine stops and restarts when pulling away and I wonder whether a/ does it make that much difference to fuel consumption and b/ will it shorten the life of the starter motor or battery? Any thoughts?

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Re: Auto stop/start

Post by Metroreg » 11 Apr 2018, 19:50

@longitude I drive a company skoda has the same tech as the BMWs, it ment to save fuel, but my thinking it uses more fuel to start the car up from the fuel pump.

The Battery when it does goes off the engine some how knows if the battery is starting to get flat or drained and starts the engine back up.


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Re: Auto stop/start

Post by Bin-The-L-Plates » 11 Apr 2018, 23:25

Good question and it seems the motoring press are divided....... ... r-s-engine

John Cadogan, is also worth a read or watch on YouTube, he’s an Aussie and not afraid to speak his mind, so another interesting point of view. ... rt-systems

As a driving instructor my pupils love fact that if they stall the car putting in neutral restarts it, however they hate the ‘panic’ of having to ‘restart’ the engine at traffic lights even though its no different to putting it in neutral in a car without stop/start.
I guess the engine restart noise is the key to their anxiety rather than having to put the car back into gear, maybe it’s the misconception that they’ve more to do before getting the car moving.

Does it save fuel........ don’t know and I guess i’ll never know. Done 32,000 miles in 12 months in my F21 116d M Sport and has cost me around £3,600 in fuel (doing around 48mpg @ £5.40/gall) if it saves £10 or 100 odd miles worth of fuel would I notice it over that mileage ?
Wear and Tear........ Who knows until a component fails, nothing so far.
Probably the only thing you can definitely say is it saves on emissions, which is no bad thing.
Also, I actually like to sit in silence in a queue, sadly it’s rudely interrupted when the fairly refined for a diesel engine rattles back into action........

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Re: Auto stop/start

Post by M60NJP » 12 Apr 2018, 07:35

I've driven a few but never owned one.

I hate them and until the rules were changed, used to turn it off.

The batteries on SS cars are huge and cost a fortune - upwards of £250 so are well up to the job (not fun when they need replacing though!). AFAIK, the starter is pretty standard, so in theory it will wear quicker.

SS was meant to reduce pollution from idling vehicles so as per Metroreg, never seen any consumption advantage at all.

Crap and pointless eco-bollox in my view!

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Re: Auto stop/start

Post by Gus247 » 13 Apr 2018, 15:34

My old company car had it and now my F31 also has it too. It doesn't really bother me TBH except if I'm traffic where I now that the going will be stop/start (pardon the pun), in which case I simply press the button to disable it.

There is a way this can be coded out to always remain inactive if it's something you feel you'd rather not have.

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