Manual or Auto??

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Manual or Auto??

Post by M60NJP » 12 Feb 2018, 12:37

This has probably been discussed previously, but I was browsing Autotrader this morning and saw an E60 550i for sale............with a manual gearbox!! 'No way!' I thought, gotta be auto.........but then looked at other BMW models and realised there's no 'recipe' (in my mind!), for example:

All 7-series = Auto only
5-Series = Err........probably manual at 2.0l (approx) and auto in larger...........unless an E34 which should probably all be manual? (Anyone remember the 518i which was so slow it probably didn't matter...........)
3/4-Series and smaller = Total confusion! (E36/46/90), probably manual at 1.9/2.0l and auto above..........either in an M3...or maybe DCT.

Don't like diesels, so don't care!!

What are your prejudices/preferences in transmission?

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Matt N
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Re: Manual or Auto??

Post by Matt N » 12 Feb 2018, 18:37

Manual for me; I've had a few autos but would take a manual everytime given the choice. My E36 is an auto but I've got 95% of the parts to convert it, I just need to find the money for the last 5% and the time to actually get it done.

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Re: Manual or Auto??

Post by theguvnor » 12 Feb 2018, 19:34

For me it comes down to the application. For 50k miles a year business Auto all day long. For fun, manual.

Nothing beats driving a manual E46 m3 at the weekend after spending the week slogging up and down the motorways of the UK. But nothing beats slogging up and down the motorways of the UK in an F10 520d auto!

Horses courses etc

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Re: Manual or Auto??

Post by Discostew38 » 12 Feb 2018, 19:52

All depends on what you want from the car

I like autos and if I was looking at a big luxury car I would generally go auto
The E39 is a perfect example it's a mellow and relaxing car to drive as an auto
I would say only the bigger engines work well with automatic transmission

If I was after something sporty or a more involved driving experience it would be manual

The good things about the 550i is it can be both
A relaxing luxury car with the auto box
Sporty drivers car with the manual box

The other thing to consider is reliability
Automatic gearboxes are complicated and pron for expensive repairs
Manual gearboxes are pretty simple and generally don't go wrong so it's just clutch and flywheel

So if I was looking at an older car (as I do most of the time) I tend to go for a manual box

So with that said if I was looking at buying a 550i now it would be a manual
If you look at current prices on E39 540i or e36 328i or e46 330i you will see the manual cars cost more so better resale later in life
Life's to short to be driving boring cars
It's all about the old school

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