Vista idiots guide to BMW INPA install with a USB Vagcom

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Vista idiots guide to BMW INPA install with a USB Vagcom

Post by DeeDee » 13 Jan 2014, 13:39

here is my successful INPA install method for Vista.

1. Firstly open up your £7 Vagcom interface by removing the 4 x phillips screws on it
Get yaself a fine soldering iron and with a blob of solder,solder pins 7 and 8 together on it and put it back together…


there is a myth you have to use com port 1 with INPA this is total cobblers! you can use any com port number you like as long as the INPA OBD.ini file port selection matches your actual com port setting on the vagcom interface you have set..

First things to do is Download the 326MB version of BMW INPA from a torrent site or anyware you can get it or just PM me If you want a known good working version to download, i have uploaded it zipped with WinRar with the FDTI drivers included just extract it to a folder on your machine...

IF YOU HAVE YOUR OWN COPY you also may need to download the FDTI VCP (virtual com port) driver for some windows OS's for the Vagcom USB interface from the FDTI website, unzip it to a folder and copy this folder to the 326MB INPA installation software folder so you know where it is and for any future installations...

Virtual COM Port Drivers


Insert your modded OBD-II-USB vagcom cable into your usb-port
-once it is detected by windows and prompts for the driver if it does not find the driver then point it towards your FDTI vcp driver folder in the INPA folder…
It will then install the drivers (it will probably go thru this process twice just repeat the process)
In the windows Vista Device Manager (computer/system properties/device manager), you should now see [Ports COM & LPT] ->> "USB Serial Port (ComX)
right click this and click properties/port settings /advanced.
at the top change your port number to your selection( if you do not wish to move or force a device on COM1 to another port because its already being used just select an unused port usually COM2 is unused) just remember your port selection for the INPA\install.
Now change the transmit and receive settings in the drop down boxes to 2048 for both transmit and receive
Now change the latency setting from 16 to 1
Ok the changes and exit
The usb vagcom cable is now setup.

2. Always use SAME USB-port from now on.

3. Installing INPA
Copy and paste your downloaded complete INPA installation software folder to your C drive.
In your INPA folders double click the programmisation folder- then right click the setup icon and select “Properties/Compatibilty mode select XP service pack 2 and tick the box, click the apply button and exit now double click the setup icon and begin the setup.
It should default to English so ok this.
Click next till you get to the selection for software to install.
Select or deselect in options boxes but as a minimum select INPA ,EDIABAS and NCS expert if you want it.
Click next you will be asked to backup and restore (I declined this , unticked the box and skipped it all)
Make sure quick launch or desktop icons are ticked.
Click next.
Now select STD-OBD in drop down box (should be by default).
Click next
Select Com port number (you selected earlier) in the drop down box, tick the USB serial adaptor box

Click next and install (if it ask for backup and recovery just click skip to these prompts if you wish)
Finish install and Reboot

Now go to C/ediabas/hardware/OBD/OBDsetup.exe
Double click OBD setup.exe
If all is well you should get a black DOS box up with various settings shown with a full house of ok’s in Vista this will be full of errors and missing OK’s we shall address this later with a registry edit..
press any key to exit the list.
Go to C/ediabas/bin..
Find the OBD.ini or OBD file and double click
Your settings will be dispayed make sure they read as below
PORT= COM? (your com choice entered and set earlier)
UBAT=OFF (type this command in manually in this position)
Exit and save
Right click and Copy the amended OBD.ini file and paste it into your C/windows folder

Now go back to the INPA \install folder on C drive.
Right click Instprog.exe/Properties/Compatibilty select windows XP service pack 2 and tick box and apply and exit.
Double click the instprog.exe and install
Ok the german writing page
Select English and continue.
At destination drive page make sure C drive is selected and continue.
Now select BMW “GROUP RECTIFICATION PROGRAMME UK” from the list and click continue
Now select the following:
Ediabas tick update box
INPA tick update box
NCS expert expert tick complete box
Click continue
Tick the box “delete the old NCS expert “
Click install
Double check that C:\EDIABAS\BIN has been added to the path string in enviromental variables.. (Computer/System Settings/Adavanced System Settings/Environmental Variables” click edit check its there and exit without changing anything)

You can now test INPA on your car it will work with the INPA diags only and you will get error warnings with Ediabas running because of the OBDsetup command errors earlier,to address this copy and paste the following below into a notepad folder, save the file to your desktop and name the file “serial.reg” and select all files and save…

4. COPY and PASTE all registry data below…

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Servic es\Serial]
"Group"="Extended base"

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Servic es\Serial\Parameters]

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Servic es\Serial\Enum]

You must copy and paste all the above icluding the windows registry bit or it will not execute to the registry later.

You now need to backup the registry just in case so you can restore it if need be...
Click the windows icon start button bottom left on desktop and type in regedit in the small box and press enter to access the registry
Click file then Export and name the file something of your choice and select ALL in the export range box and save it to somewhere safe..

Now double click the serial.reg file and apply it to the registry (right click the file and open with registry editor if it opens in notepad by default)

Go back to to C/ediabas/hardware/OBD/OBDsetup.exe
Double click setup the blackbox should be clear of errors (you may get 1 if you have selected an alternative port number other than COM1 ignore it)

You now should be good to go with full functions and no error messages when using your INPA

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Re: Vista idiots guide to BMW INPA install with a USB Vagcom

Post by dsme » 18 Sep 2014, 09:54

Does the cable still work with VAGCOM afterwards?

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Re: Vista idiots guide to BMW INPA install with a USB Vagcom

Post by DeeDee » 20 Nov 2014, 19:12

im not sure to be honest i doubt it,,,

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Re: Vista idiots guide to BMW INPA install with a USB Vagcom

Post by Maxwell » 21 Nov 2014, 08:12

dsme wrote:Does the cable still work with VAGCOM afterwards?
Yes it does but if you want to be sure instead of just linking the pins between 7+8 solder a wire to each and put a switch between them

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