Lost Smartkeys

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Lost Smartkeys

Post by kelzz0001 » 11 Aug 2017, 11:51

Sorry if its too long

Well I had the experience of losing my only smartkey for my car :(

The story goes...

I purchased my BMW Series 1 and it came with only one smartkey.(yes i hear you saying rookie mistake - but i'm sure there are others out there that are experiencing this issue...)

The other half used my car while i was ill and put my key in a "safe place".

As you can guess he lost it! So opening the car was not an option as the key blade was with the smartkey. So i phoned BMW who said that i can order a replacement key but they could not guarantee it would work. So i ordered a new key, it all started well, i could unlock the car and sit in it :d - So i proceeded to place the key in the receiver in the dash (as its a push button start) and it would not grab hold of the key :( - I phoned BMW who said that there is a possibility that the new keys have been barred! (Due to possibly other guarages changing parts without having the most update version of the software - This can be done without knowing)

So i ordered another new key as you have 6 pre-coded keys for the car, 2 or 3 of which are usually supplied with the car when new. Tried the second new key and it still did not work so they suggest the car is taken into them for them to plug it in.

I took it down (on a trailor) for them to check the car. They had it for 3 days and could not get the keys to talk to the ECU. So they said i can try the 2 other available keys but they could not guarantee that they would work or i can have a new lock set fitted for £3000+. I love my car but thats all its worth, plus i had already spent over £500 on the keys and BMW.

I picked her up from BMW (on a trailor) and brought her home :'( - Searched ebay and found a lockset second hand (exact match on part numbers) and had this fitted so i could drive the car.

I Did a bit of research and managed to locate the most helpfull guy who offers key programming services. Sent off my CAS Unit and he sent back the key and blade. Plugged it in still didnt work. Spoke to him and sent my CAS Unit AND my ECU to him. He phoned me to say that there was a corrupt file on the ECU (thankfully managed to repair this for me) He returned my ECU and CAS Unit and i plugged it back into the car......

Put the key into the receiver and YAY!! It came to life, dash board lights came on and so i pushed the start button, it attempted to start but would not tick over... Spoke to the gentleman again and he explained i needed to get the DME re-aligned. Found a local garage, took it down and voila its now working :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d

You would not believe how happy i am that my baby is back to normal!!!

So if any of you find yourself in the same situation there is an answer out there :) (and a lot cheaper) :)

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Re: Lost Smartkeys

Post by M60NJP » 11 Aug 2017, 11:59

What a saga! Glad you got it sorted.

As you say, it's very unwise to not have a spare fob these days - but dealer prices do put a lot of folk off.

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