What happened to Gaydon?!?!

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Re: What happened to Gaydon?!?!

Post by 1410steven » 30 Jul 2018, 18:05

What do you guys think would make it better and make more people go back
I live with fear every day but sometimes she lets me go to car shows

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Re: What happened to Gaydon?!?!

Post by M60NJP » 30 Jul 2018, 18:32

How long have you got!!

Primarily would be the civil treatment/reception of the Forums - if someone visits my house they get the 'best seat by the fire' - at Gaydon, visitors can't even see the TV as they're seated behind the outside toilet block(if you get the metaphor)!!

Unfortunately a couple of officers of the club have butted heads with a few here so that element is less simple to resolve.

Regardless of relationship stuff - it's the same thing year-in, year-out so needs refreshing big time as many of their own members have remarked. I've been three times IIRC and irrespective of the above wouldn't want Groundhog Day each year!!

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Re: What happened to Gaydon?!?!

Post by Norrie1873 » 31 Jul 2018, 17:07

My relationship with the Board of the BMWCCGB is at an all time low. In respect of Gaydon I know from chatting to the Scots guys at Silverstone Classic, very few, if any are going. If we examine Gaydon as an event the BMW Car Club must be mad, effectively it is a 6 hour show, 10-4 pm on a Sunday. The amount of setting up by the Club and those attending as some form of attraction is probably longer than the event it's self. They used to hold a concours competition on a separate day, but due to lack of volunteers to judge it is all on one day, so if you wanted to enter that, forget seeing anything else or meeting others.

In terms of ALPINA owners, I am pretty sure the chap who is the Club ALPINA person is not attending Gaydon. When we organise ALPINA only events without the BMWCCGB we get more attend that with it. The exception is the Silverstone Classic but it is the few owners that encourage others and not the BMW Club. To that extent 25% of the cars showing this year were ALPINA and we had the new B5 Saloon, Tourer and the D5 Saloon with the XD3, most never seen before in UK. The B5 cars top speed 205 mph.

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