Bimmerfest - Everything you need to know

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Bimmerfest - Everything you need to know

Post by RayB » 30 Jan 2018, 19:57

It's gonna be BIG!

This year we will surpass all of the ones that preceded it. The plans are currently being made and as they become available I will update this thread with 'everything you need to know' including travel and accommodation costs.

Outlined below is pretty much what happens

For those traveling by overnight Ferry


Brewers Fayre Mayflower
Parkeston Road Parkeston Rd, Harwich CO12 4NX

Meet between 20-00 and 21-00
Departing at 21-30

Harwich International Port
Station Rd, Parkeston, Harwich CO12 4SR

Boarding closes at 22-15
Please note the bar is only open for a short amount of time after boarding

Arrival at The Hook of Holland 08-00
Leaving the ferry we all meet in the car park to the right as you go over the railway crossing.


Oostappen Vakantiepark Droomgard
Van Haestrechtstraat 24
5171 RC Kaatsheuvel

The Chalets are basic but do the job for a couple of nights especially after a few drinks! They sleep 6 people but be warned, there is a double and two twin rooms with the twin rooms being more suited for children! There is a bar, outdoor swimming pool and shop on site.


On the Saturday and the Sunday evening we will do a BBQ for all even if you are staying locally in a hotel. Once again BMWE will supply the BBQ(s),BBQ tools etc.

This year once again we will supply the meat, buns sauces and salad. There will be a small charge per head per night. Nearer the time we will ask you to send the money to via Paypal. If you have any special dietary requirements then bring your own! We don't do Veggie, Glutten free or Halal I'm afraid! Feel free to bring along additional food to sling on but I'm sure we'll have enough. It will basically be Burgers and Sausages........this is not to make a profit in any way!

Bring your own drink, there is a small shop on site that sells alcohol etc

If you prefer to eat elsewhere then that's fine

Essentials to bring with you other than the obvious......Towel and Toilet Roll


Bimmerfest '18

Evenementenhal Gorinchem
Franklinweg 2
4207 HZ Gorinchem

It's roughly a half hour drive from the park. Meet time to be announced but please BE RESPECTFUL OF OTHERS STAYING AT THE HOLIDAY PARK. It will be an early start on a Sunday morning and we do have some rather LOUD cars!

BMWE do not charge for stand space, you will need to pay for entry to the show though which is usually 15 Euros per person

Paddock passes will be handed out on Saturday or sent for you to print yourself. You will need to let me know if you are not staying at the holiday park


Just do as you please! Some will be heading back via the tunnel and others on the overnight ferry in the evening

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Re: Bimmerfest - Everything you need to know

Post by RayB » 11 Feb 2018, 22:53

I've been working on the travel and accommodation

Just waiting for costs to come back for the ferry from our contact at Stenna. If you are traveling via the Tunnel in either direction or both ways I'll leave it up to you to book that yourself.

Accommodation.......E-Mails back and forth to the Holiday Park! I'm trying to get us all together and hopefully get a discount. The cost at the moment if booked via their website is 129 Euros for 2 nights with 2 people sharing, Sat/Sun and leave Monday morning. You can add a preference and choose which chalet you have. That bumps it up to 170 Euros for 2 nights which is the bit I'm currently working on to reduce.

If they won't budge then perhaps a few us that are willing to pay extra can book chalets together so that we have some sort of base for the BBQ's. It works out at just over £190 with the exchange rate so with 2 sharing it's still less than £50 each per night.

I'll keep you posted.....

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Re: Bimmerfest - Everything you need to know

Post by Metroreg » 12 Feb 2018, 18:38

Thanks for the update @RayB :thumbup: :thumbup:


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