Bimmerfest Holland 2017 Pictures

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Re: Bimmerfest Holland 2017 Pictures

Post by Lewy » 15 Jun 2017, 14:19

Sorry to say, I had no pics but thanks to those who have posted. I'm due a phone upgrade and have almost no space left.

Not only did Ray and Catherine do all of the above as per Neil's post but they also put me and Sean up for the night - thanks so much guys absolute legends. Great to see George's perseverance paying off too.

Top weekend and great to see you all, banter is what it's all about and there was plenty of that on the go.

Definitely up for it next year and would like to stick with the crew for the whole weekend next time around as I felt like it was over all too quick and didn't spend much time with some.

One last shout out... those burgers were epic!

#wengerin @neilx6

I think the M6 needs modifying a little to get some love next year!

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Re: Bimmerfest Holland 2017 Pictures

Post by lizzie » 15 Jun 2017, 22:25

Glad you all had a good time. Some excellent pics. Gutted I couldn't make it this year but 100% next year. Well done to Ray and Catherine for all their hard work

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Re: Bimmerfest Holland 2017 Pictures

Post by spirit » 25 Jun 2017, 18:52

On my Facebook I have photos as well ... 1115889634" onclick=";return false;ImageImageImageImageImage

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Re: Bimmerfest Holland 2017 Pictures

Post by Metroreg » 25 Jun 2017, 18:54

Great pics there Andy :thumbup: :thumbup:


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