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BMW Enthusiasts INSURANCE with CHRIS KNOTT :: 0800 917 2274

Posted: 27 Aug 2015, 16:56
by ChrisKnottIns
Savings, service and support
If you're looking for competitive car insurance, high service levels and all the ongoing support you need, we've got some great news for you.
CHRIS KNOTT INSURANCE now offers BMW Enthusiasts' members all of the above and more. We love car enthusiasts because you really look after your cars.
Simply call FREE on 0800 917 2274 (now also free for mobiles) quoting CODE: BME-207 to find the right price and cover combination.
Here's a sample of what members have said about us in the last month on some of the other forums we work with:
"Another year with you guys. Thanks for your continued support to us owners with lots of modifications" dawesy, MR2OC

"My current insurer on the 210 did a deal but Chris Knott beat that so I'm happy." toby1, Mercedes-Benz Owner forum

"Just received a quote from Kim who was accommodating and helpful. She also applied the AO owners club discount and this was very competitive. Highly recommended!" TheToon,

"Been insured by Chris Knott on either mine or my wifes car for the last 6-7 years and I've just bought a mk4 GTi and switched my insurance across at a great price. Great stuff cheers!" isitafox, UK-MkIVs

"a big thanks to nick and ian for getting the insurance that most would not help with for the daughter and son in law. talked to nick via the forum email then rang and talked to Ian both very helpfull." bugsb, MG-Rover forum

"Just renewed for another year. Great price & friendly service. Happy days:)." stuMR2eye, MR2 Owners Club

Regular contact on the forum
We'd like to get involved on this forum and be available for general insurance comment too. So if you have any insurance queries or if you're not sure about any element of our offering, please just ask - we're looking forward to 'talking' to you.
For your free car insurance quote, call Chris Knotts on 0800 917 2274 (now also free for mobiles) quoting CODE: BME-207 and find out how much you could save.
Chris Knott = better quotes for you
Of course, we have criteria set by the insurers we use so we won't be the best for everyone but if we can't help you it's not because WE don't want to. However, if you fit our scheme we'll work hard on your behalf to negotiate the best deal with insurers and that sometimes involves using an alternative quote as ammo to get them to budge.
We only quote over the phone as we've found online forms are never as good as the human touch. 
When you call us we get a better feel for you as a risk and this results in a better quote for you - we currently sign up 2 in every 5 enquiries. Will the next one be you?
Will you be saying what this happy customer said? "I switched to you guys this year and you saved me over £300 compared to my renewal! Let alone the other quotes I had got." Ant21, Astra Owners Network
Better service too
We don't operate hard-sell tactics and our sales people are not on commission. Instead we encourage staff to offer top-quality personal service, sound advice and all the ongoing support you need throughout your time with us.
Your needs are put first and we’ll work hard on your behalf to find the policy that is most suitable for your requirements. We want to treat you fairly – the same way we’d expect to be treated ourselves.
To ensure that you get a crystal-clear quote and the right price/cover combination, call us FREE at renewal so our highly-trained insurance experts can help.
Chris Knott Benefits Summary
• Competitive quotes
• Personal contact
• Impartial advice
• Your needs put first
• All the ongoing support you need
• Multi-car discounts/Loyalty Rewards
• Scheme INCLUDES Northern Ireland
• Highly-trained insurance experts
• 30+ years' experience of looking after car club members
Simply call FREE on 0800 917 2274 (now also free for mobiles) quoting CODE: BME-207 to find out how much Chris Knott Insurance can save you.
The scheme covers most modifications (excluding nitrous, roll cages and bhp increases of more than 100 over stock). We can help with all the cars in your household. For BMWs drivers must be aged 23 or over with experience of the car or one of similar performance. For most other cars drivers must be aged over 19, some 23. All drivers must have held a licence for at least 1 year and have at least 1 year's NCB.
Quotes subject to individual circumstances including restrictions on claims/convictions (no more than 1 SP/PC/PL conviction per driver). Some postcodes require the car to be parked off the road overnight. This scheme IS available to members in Northern Ireland.
This insurance scheme is administered by Chris Knott Insurance who is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Re: BMW Enthusiasts INSURANCE with CHRIS KNOTT :: 0800 917 2

Posted: 21 Sep 2015, 12:12
by ChrisKnottIns
UPDATE: a note about competitiveness

Looking at the YTD figures Chris Knott Insurance has won 38% of all new quotes offered during 2015. That's really good and means we're frequently beating the best rate that members can find anywhere else.

And, if you thought that was just a ploy to attract new clients and then hike the rates in year 2, you'd be wrong - we keep 82% of policies at renewal. This is because we try to offer consistent pricing (as long as there have been no claims or other changes during the year). We're all about trust and long-term relationships, not wildly fluctuating quotes.

Please give us a call if your insurance is due soon and we'll do all we can to find you the best deal - sometimes that involves using your best alternative quote to negotiate with the insurers who are vying for your business.

To find out how much you could save with Chris Knott you should call 0800 917 2274 (now FREE for mobile phones too).

If you call before the end of September we'll also enter you for our current prize draw to win £150 mods/parts/accessories of your choice - see our other posts for details.


Feedback about Chris Knott's prices and service, gathered in just the last week...

"Just wanted to give a shout out to all the people at Chris Knotts, not only did they beat my renewal quote but also improved on the offerings, and that was including the fact my previous best had an extra 10% off for my dashcam! Top knotch service and an unbeatable price, thanks guys and gals!" spikedog, MPS Owners

"Well after the hunting and chatting to a few folk, then receiving my renewal quote from Sheila's Wheels which has mysteriously jumped up £100 without any mods declared. I called Chris Knott. Had a chat with the lovely Cathy and taking into consideration the mods that have and are being done got a quote of £200 less than Sheila's who were very concerned about the mods and really did not really understand the mod issue. Hastings jumped dramatically when I mentioned the mods especially the uprated front brakes going on next month so I dropped them out. All in all I have a much better policy, declared mods, better excess and other addon's for £440. Which when you consider my Coupe is parked on a London residential street at home is not bad." Shel, Hyundai Coupe OC

"Just changed my car and had a pleasant and effortless time on the phone doing it. As I spoke the lady was simultaneously emailing my new documents over. Premium should have gone up a bit but no charge, swapped my GAP insurance over to my new car as it had over two years to go and all for a modest £15 admin fee. Got off the phone with all new document printing out of my printer and a smile on my face as I was braced for spending out £100 or so. Highly recommend." dagdave, CMax OC

"I'm with Chris Knotts myself now since there's a fair chunk of mods on the car these days. Think it was Cathy I spoke to as well when I called, pleasant and no faffing around :) Well, no faffing at their end, I called back about 3-4x as kept remembering more mods." Lexo, Hyundai Coupe OC

"You beat my previous insurer by £200 with the modifications declared and so easy to deal with. Many thanks." Sherri Joyce, Facebook

"ALSO a HUGE thanks once again from me! Did a shop around with another company, they sent me [their] quote cheaper, Knott were sent this quote and matched (even beat it by £20), so this is the FIRST TIME in over 16+ yrs of driving I've ever paid for a policy in one go! Very happy again. Cheers guys." vwnutant, UKPassats

"Rang you up today and you beat my best quote so I insured through you. Thanks." Outofthi5world, Briskoda


Re: BMW Enthusiasts INSURANCE with CHRIS KNOTT :: 0800 917 2

Posted: 09 Nov 2015, 12:43
by ChrisKnottIns
According to the British Insurance Premium Index, car insurance premiums have again risen during the third quarter of 2015 - this time by 4.8%. The index quote has increased to £569 (a rise of nearly £26 over the three months ending 30th September).

I'm pleased to say that because we attract safer drivers, such as car enthusiasts like you, the Chris Knott average premium currently sits at £337, some £232 lower than the index.

But it's not just cost savings that Chris Knott offers...

We don't operate hard-sell tactics and our sales people are NOT on commission. Instead they're encouraged to offer top-quality personal service, good advice and all the ongoing support you need throughout your time with us. Your needs are put first and our car insurance experts will work hard on your behalf to find the policy that is most suitable for your requirements. You'll be treated fairly – the same way we’d expect to be treated ourselves.

To ensure that you get a crystal-clear quote and the right price/cover combination, call us FREE at renewal so our highly-trained insurance experts can help.

If you prefer to provide details online you can do so here - Chris Knott Online Quote Request - and we'll call you back.

Chris Knott Benefits Summary
• Competitive quotes
• Personal contact
• UK based staff
• Impartial advice
• Your needs put first
• All the ongoing support you need
• Qualified insurance experts
• 30+ years' experience of looking after car club members
• Multi-car discounts/Loyalty Rewards

Simply call FREE on 0800 917 2274 (now also free from mobiles) and mention this forum to find out just how good Chris Knott Car Insurance could be for you.

And, if you've had good service and prices from us, please leave feedback for others on here.



Re: BMW Enthusiasts INSURANCE with CHRIS KNOTT :: 0800 917 2

Posted: 29 Mar 2016, 12:48
by ChrisKnottIns

Hi, I just wanted to say thank you to all the members who've used us for their car insurance already this year. Last month we had our best February EVER and it's all down to you - Chris Knott's best February in 33 years of helping car club members save money on their car insurance!

I had a look at the 2016 figures on Thursday and the average saving we negotiate for a car enthusiast is £56*.

That's £56 less than the best alternative quote a member can find. Some save more, some save less of course but it's a good message and means it's worth picking up the phone to request a Chris Knott quote when you're looking around at renewal.

Don't forget if you're due in the next few months, that you can gain entry into our Spring Spectacular with 3 great prizes on offer ( just for receiving a quote. See our other recent post about getting a quote and winning.

For your no-obligation quote please call Chris Knott FREE on 0800 917 2274 (free from mobiles too).

To get the full benefit of club membership please mention this forum specifically when you call.


Further recent proof that our special club scheme has value in the car club community:

"Just set up my insurance with Chris Knott earlier today. Did the usual trawl through Gocompare and Confused to set the benchmark and then had a call from Kathy at Chris Knott. They came back and bettered the lowest quote by £30 but also provided much better cover by not limiting the miles (£335 all in)." SparkyBrum, Z4 Forum

"The service I received when I had the quote was excellent and Chris Knott seems to have a good reputation on car forums." hineyho87, FiestaST OC

"Well you guys had the cheapest quote so I'm going with you. Cancelled my Sky policy just now." rob275, GT86/BRZ Drivers Club

"Excellent service from Chris Knotts - told them a week ago I was in the process of purchasing a private plate, the guy on the phone said because I informed them early the £15 it would've cost to amend the paperwork will be waived, well happy." deni.babe, CivInfo

"Just phoned up after receiving a pathetic renewal quote. Really impressed by the service and the quote I have received." aslee17, AlfaOwner forum


*£55.98 to be exact - the average difference between our quote and the member's best quote (from shopping around or their existing renewal, whichever was the cheaper) where best alternative quote information was provided.

Re: BMW Enthusiasts INSURANCE with CHRIS KNOTT :: 0800 917 2

Posted: 16 May 2016, 12:07
by ChrisKnottIns
It's amazing how many of the testimonials we receive start with the word "Just" - some examples of this month's feedback:

"Just bought my insurance with CKI, very competitive prices... Many Thanks." benv6, Z4 Forum

"Impressed with your super-efficient service today, instant docs by email and helpful staff. Better than the big boys!" nsales_co_uk, Twitter

"Many thanks. Quick service and very competitive quote. Makes it easier when you speak to the same person again." rustynuts, Briskoda

"Just had my quote for the first time from CK. Could not beat my best comparison quote [initially] but were only £3 more than the cheapest. However once you take in to account all the free extras they threw in it beat Tesco bank hands down. They're calling back Tuesday morning to set it up. Very pleased, thankyou!" badake, Ford Galaxy Owners Club

"Just renewed with you guys today. Great price and policy cover. Thanks :-)" SpecBee, UK Legacy Forum

"Great service. Just a quick thanks to the guys at Chris Knott - Emma who I dealt with in particular for her work in getting my quote down to a price I'm very happy with. Best quote I've had for the second year running, great price for the level of cover and modifications on the vehicle. Top work!" AW_Dan, Baby BMW

"Just bought a new policy with you today, very pleased as came in 20 pound under the lowest comparison site quote. Will be trying you when I need insurance on the 4x4 and the girlfriend's car. Cheers!" Tricky5, BimmerForums

"Another new customer! Great service and knowledge, also beat my renewal and my cheapest online comparison quote. Cheers." ChrisG, Audi-Sport net

Thankfully in these examples "Just" means 'recently' rather than 'by a whisker' as we won't simply beat your alternative quotes by a pound - where we can we'll try to make it worth your while to go with our offering.

To request your quote please call us free on 0800 917 2274 and mention this forum's unique code (detailed in a previous post) to receive the full benefit.

Remember, if you call us during May for a quote on a car we don't yet insure you'll gain automatic entry in our Spring prize draw. Check out the 3 great prizes here - and get calling if your car insurance is due soon.


Chris Knott Insurance - the right choice for savings, service & support, the right choice for car club members.

Re: BMW Enthusiasts INSURANCE with CHRIS KNOTT :: 0800 917 2

Posted: 21 Oct 2016, 12:48
by ChrisKnottIns
UPDATE: Current savings data from Chris Knott

Hi guys, I was just looking at some MI and a couple of figures really stood out. I believe they're powerful reminders of why members should include Chris Knott when looking for car insurance quotes...

The first one is where customers have told us their existing insurer's renewal quote Chris Knott has been quoting an average of £230.12 less than their renewal - that represents a 37.12% average saving.*

Even when we compare our quotes with their supplied best quote (including those on comparison websites) it's still a worthwhile saving - an average of £54.89 less than the best available alternative (11.94%)**

If you'd like to save money on both what you're paying now and the best out there in the market make sure you include Chris Knott Insurance in the mix at quote time.

QUOTELINE: 0800 917 2274


* I compared the year-to-date total of all supplied renewal prices against the total of the CKI quotes on those and divided by the number of quotes. I included all quotes whether the customer ended up taking the policy or not.

** I compared the year-to-date total of all supplied best quotes (renewal or alternative) against the total of the CKI quotes on those and divided by the number of quotes. I included all quotes whether the customer ended up taking the policy or not.

PS. Don't forget you can enter our draw for 2x VIP tickets to the Performance Car Show at the NEC if you receive a car quote before 1 December 2016.

Recent client testimonials also reflect our money-saving ability:

"Just took out a policy with you for my new fiesta ST200 which I'm collecting in a few days time. Miles cheaper than the price Ford quoted me as part there drive away insurance and nearly £100 cheaper than I'm paying now on a fiesta ST3. One happy New customer." John74, Fiesta ST Owners Club

"Did a quote; quote came out better than any comparison site figure, and I'm now insured through yourselves! Nice to speak to someone on the end of the phone that was able to answer my questions so quickly. Great service! Thanks!" Ryanfsr, Briskoda

"Just got a quote off Chris Knott for a W202 C220 CDi and it was actually lower than all the search engines! They've been good to me in the past with my Volvo 850 and V70 T5 CD Autos so will always use them. Cheers guys :)" RGM, Mercedes-Benz Owner forum

"Chris Knott Review - Give them a go! That dreaded time of year... insurance renewal! It all started off with a comedy email from Admiral about my multicar renewal... a healthy £500 more than last year :lol: So I did the usual "new customer" thing with them and it still wasn't great... Then did the comparison site and a few better quotes came up... Then I decided to give Chris Knott a bash and see what they could do. Best decision I made! Rang their number (0800 917 2274) and quoted our CLUB CODE: MAZ-216 and had a good chat with the nice lady Rebecca on the other end. After we'd gone through all the details she gave me a pretty decent quote, competitive with the cheapest I'd already found. I did however want breakdown as well on the 2 cars and so she asked me to leave it with her and she'd email me in the morning with the best she could do. Well... I was happy to open that email! Not only had she got me the breakdown for the 2 vehicles but she'd beaten the price even more! Very happy with the service and prices and so I have taken out 2 policies with them this year... one for myself and one for my wife :) Give them a shot guys and see what they can do for you. Very helpful and you don't get pushed into a long queue to get through to a call center in a country you can't understand! Not just that but if any of you do take out a policy with our club code (MAZ-216) then the club gets some commission which will go directly into the pot for keeping this site up and running :) Let me know how you get on if you give them a go." Ross, Mazda6 Owners Club

"Easiest car insurance I have had in 40 years. Even an added mod recently was sorted with just one email and a reply within 24 hours. Awesome!" Shel, Hyundai Coupe Owners Club

Re: BMW Enthusiasts INSURANCE with CHRIS KNOTT :: 0800 917 2

Posted: 31 Oct 2016, 11:57
by ChrisKnottIns
Feedback about Chris Knott

Don't just take our word for it when we say we're competitive and offer great service. Here is some of the recent unsolicited feedback we've received from your fellow car club/forum members and enthusiasts that shows why you should call Chris Knott Insurance for a quote:

"Just a quick heads up that I found CKI a great company to deal with, all very polite & knowledgeable about their cover & understood about mods etc. Admiral = hard work & would not cover my Focus ST with basic mods but they did cover my modded import wrx!? Anyhow try CKI for a decent quote, very happy & feel I have made a good choice with the cover you get." taj27, Focus ST Owners Club

"I can add my own testimonial to those above - I have 6 or 7 cars with CKI and the rest with other brokers. It's fairly well known that I change cars frequently and the service I receive from CKI is always excellent. I recently changed the registration number on one of my cars; a simple 2 minute telephone call (including queue time) to CKI had it sorted and the new certificate emailed to me immediately. The cost - £0.00. Compare that to the Esure charge of £28 and Adrian Flux £25 to change a reg. no. I have two identical non-Alfa cars, the CKI premium is £280 and the Adrian Flux premium is £400. In my personal experience the CKI offering is superb." Chris, Alfa Romeo Owners Club UK

"+1 for Chris Knotts, have managed on all occasions to beat any quote I've had, even if only by £10. Excellent service too." sliced, Audi-Sport Net forum

"So after some shopping around and a few issues with AF not being able to get me monthly insurance I've gone with CK, saving me around £30 a month (works out about £200 saving)." Adam2489, Hyundai Coupe Owners Club UK

"Can I give a big shout-out to Ian Willis. Just "quoted me happy" and I'll be going ahead with your quote when my renewal arrives from current insurer." JimBob, BMW5 forum

"Spoken to Ian Willis last week for a quote. He's brilliant all the way through. No pressure at all and gave me lots of options. Asked me to wait for my current insurance renewal quote to arrive first and call back later. He said he'll take 10% off for a like for like quote. Rang back today, and lucky enough that Ian picked up my call again. All sorted now, price was a tiny bit more (added legal cover and 56% less on voluntary excess) but customer service by Ian has won the business really." veeg33, Nissan

"A really BIG THANK YOU to Chris Knott Insurance. Renewed my car insurance today. Over the phone, no hassle, simple to do. Very Competitive Quotes (for me anyway). Bye Bye Saga" Auric Goldfinger, Briskoda

"Just swapped my insurance over to them at renewal after the great service on the phone from Kathy. Sure they were roughly £2 more expensive than the cheapest I could find anywhere else online but I'm more than happy to pay that for the excellent service. Definitely worth a try when your time comes. Oh and yes, I did quote the club code." Shumway, Mazda 6 Owners Club

"So in the post today came my renewal quote from Tesco ....Nearly double lasts year's quote (lol) what planet they on, off to the go fatblokes site and better coming up with Churchy as the main player and wayhey tesco bank ... ohh yes on there they are cheaper than a renewal (lol). Next step Chris Knott, and even better than Churchy - great deal with Recovery and Key Cover, overseas - the works and a further £20 cheaper, uk call centre to an english person and a Personal Account Manager if you want, so at the end of the month my PAM will be calling me to confirm all the details, only one downside £150 deposit which is quite hefty compared to churchy £70. Good Service Polite and very helpful." thepaws4, Mazda6 Owners Club

"Thumbs up for Chris Knott. After my disapointment yesterday, have today insured simple and quickly. Nice to have a competitive and trouble-free quote that was 50% cheaper than another insurer on here. Another job done." KevinA, GT86/BRZ Drivers Club

"Chris Knott are good. Well worth a call." Scottk, Audi-Sport net

"I've just insured my 1990 vintage 240 GL estate with Chris Knott, after a good quote from Kim. It's the second car I have insured with this company, my first is my 2006 XC70, which is also insured by CKI. I can thoroughly recommend CKI for the service, which I have found to be friendly and patient." lenjo, Volvo Owners Club

Call Chris Knott Insurance for a quote on 0800 917 2274 and mention this forum's unique code to see for yourself how much you can save and what great service looks like.

You'll also gain automatic entry in our current prize draw if you get a quote before 1 December 2016 with the chance to WIN 2x VIP Tickets to the Performance Car Show at the NEC.


Re: BMW Enthusiasts INSURANCE with CHRIS KNOTT :: 0800 917 2

Posted: 06 Feb 2017, 12:52
by ChrisKnottIns
UPDATE: Best way to get a quote from Chris Knott

Hi all, you're great at asking Chris Knott for quotes via the callback form on our website - thank you.

I just wanted to make a request though - PLEASE CAN YOU PHONE US INSTEAD if you're after an instant quote. It's the quickest and easiest process for both of us and ensures you get your special club scheme quote when you want it, at a time that's convenient.

QUOTELINE: 0800 917 2274

Though we do respond to the web forms quite quickly, often we get an answerphone or no answer at all and then you have to ring us anyway. You can see how it's not ideal - it means we're catching you at a time that's NOT convenient.

We leave an answerphone message and follow up with an email but we don't want to miss the opportunity to give you a competitive quote through the club/forum's special scheme. Phoning us first and then only using the form as a last resort should make it easier for you to get a winning Chris Knott quote.

Thanks for your help in this - it'll work out better for both of us.


PS. It may simply be that you don't recognise the caller ID when we call you - keep an eye out for our outbound number: 01424 200477.

More car club/forum members who are happy with their quotes from Chris Knott:

"ChrisKnottIns many thanks for your help with insurance for my new toy! #saabclub #saab" Neal Ashwangler, Saab Owners Club GB

"Chris Knott cheapest by far even with cat back exhaust declared." Tony McKortel,

"Unbeatable Quote. Thanks again for sorting my insurance. Straightforward job. Beat my quotes from other firms and matched like for like. Rang back when you said you would and also spoke via PM on here. Can't fault the service so far. Cheers." GarryK,

"Just wanted to say how impressed I am being a first-time customer with yourselves. A very friendly and professional chap named Ian dealt with me from initial quote right through to setting up my new car policy. OK, granted you do need to provide a fair bit of info and it's the first time I can recall ever having to input details into the DVLA website to generate a 'driver code' and scanning numerous things etc but hey-ho. With all mods declared, a named driver and my protected NCB you beat the neighbours by nearly £60. I'm not one for calling other companies and although they did try and were very aware of my custom of 2 years, I was swayed to jump ship. Couldn't say no really." LordRaiden84, Briskoda

"Looks like I will get my insurance from you. Phoned today and got better quote than my renewal. Took reference number and will call back on Monday to get it done. Really was cheaper. Thanks." imtattoo80, VWAudi Forum

Re: BMW Enthusiasts INSURANCE with CHRIS KNOTT :: 0800 917 2

Posted: 18 Apr 2017, 16:05
by ChrisKnottIns

The BBC News website reports:
"Drivers saw their car insurance premiums rise by an average of £110 in the last year, a comparison site says. More expensive repairs and recent government changes to injury payouts pushed up annual insurance costs by 16%, according to It found drivers paid on average £781 on comparison sites for a comprehensive policy in the year to March 2017. Average premiums are set to rise to a record high and could pass £1,000 next year, it added. Newer vehicles have seen some of the biggest rises, because their increasingly complex electronics have made repairs more expensive...

...The Confused [dot] com research...checks more than four million car insurance quotes."

I just wanted to let you know that the Chris Knott average premium through the club insurance scheme is much lower than that reported on the comparison sites.

In March 2016, Chris Knott's average premium was less than half that at £369. This March (2017) it was £399 - just a £30 increase and still majorly more economical than £781. There's definitely something beneficial for members in using the club scheme through Chris Knott then.

QUOTELINE: 0800 917 2274 - please call us at renewal.

If that's before 1st June you'll also gain entry in the Chris Knott 'British F1 Grandstand Tickets' Prize Draw.


Recent testimonials from CK customers across the car enthusiast community...

"£367 cheaper than my renewal from flux, £65 cheaper with no limited mileage & all mods covered after shopping around. I am a happy bunny thanks." G30001, R32 Owners Club

"Had my quote matched today so new CK customer on Saturday as of renewal time. Covers all the mods that are planned from the stockpile of parts in the garage that have been collected over the last few months... Spoken to 3 different ladies (Tabitha, Kathy (of Legend) and Rebecca) and the level of customer service has been consistently brilliant with everything being understood first hand and not needing to explain what each mod is." benmellor, GT86/BRZ Drivers Club

"Thank you Daryl for matching a cheaper quote from another insurance company. Guess I will be staying with Chris Knott for another year. :)" Jon Dixon, Facebook

"I may need to hop back to chris knott insurance when my renewal comes through early next month, made the mistake of hopping over to a cheaper provider who has extortionate admin fees." sliced,

"Recently taken a policy out with Chris Knott due to the very competitive quote. I needed to call them to change my reg number as I added my private plate to my car, I braced myself for the "well there's a charge for this and a charge for that" as experienced from other insurance companies, but no! Gave them the new number and that was that, no charge! Well done, credit where it's due!! stchris356, BimmerForums

Re: BMW Enthusiasts INSURANCE with CHRIS KNOTT :: 0800 917 2

Posted: 03 Aug 2017, 13:00
by ChrisKnottIns
So, 3 cool things I need to let you know about before I can go on holiday tomorrow...

1. Platinum Supercar Blast plus High-Speed Passenger Ride or Photo - yep, we're running a competition for August. Just ask us to quote for your car insurance this month to gain automatic entry in our draw to win a race track drive in your choice of 6 new supercars at one of 8 track locations nationwide. We'll pick a winner in early September.

QUOTELINE: 0800 917 2274

2. Our Virtual Show & Shine on social media continues (see separate thread). We're inviting all members to post pics of your shiny cars on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts. You need to tag us, tag your club and use the hashtag #ShowShine2017 to qualify. We're offering a prize for the best pic - an Auto Finesse Detailing Kit - 14 items of high quality car cleaning product worth £156.

LINKS:" onclick=";return false; |" onclick=";return false;

3. A reminder about GAP Cover from Chris Knott - this is our combined RTI/Finance GAP cover which is significantly cheaper than that offered by car dealers when you buy a car. Check out our cover which fixes your new/nearly-new car's invoice value for 3 years after purchase, meaning you get a better payout in the event of a total loss incident. It'll give you the difference between your motor insurer's payout and the original invoice price or any outstanding finance - whichever is the greater amount - to make sure you can start again, wiping out depreciation.

Have a look, get a quote, or buy online, at

Thanks for reading and I'll see you in a fortnight - a greek beach beckons! :)


Little bit of feedback:

"Matched my previous quote but with a lot more extras free - spot on and great staff." t500tty, MPS Owners Club

"Matched another quote but benefits were loads better than other option." Kwackadave, MPS Owners

"Been with Chris Knott for about 3 years (been with them for various cars over the years, never had a problem)." Dennis, FocusSTOC