E92 coupe ( with idrive ) stereo options

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E92 coupe ( with idrive ) stereo options

Post by Shanusascarabus » 28 Apr 2017, 03:55

I apologise in advance as this will probably have been asked before but I just can't find a definitive answer for my particular car setup.... I have a 2006/7 e92 coupe with CCC navigation professional ( base ) stereo and I'm looking at possible oe or oe esq upgrade options to the sound system.
My options as I understand them are...
Add aftermarket stereo ( idrive becomes redundant unless moved to the boot )
Upgrade to CIC at a great cost and needs programming
Leave the CCC as it is.

If I leave it as it is I thought about upgrading the sound by adding the alpine kit ( amp wiring loom and door speakers ).... however I can't work out if this is a plug and play on my current set up or needs coding.

Also to complicate matters I looked at ways to add an ipod/mp3 . .. On investigation I've found a previous attempt to do this by a previous owner... behind the glove box is an Alpine interface with a ipod lead attached... the only way to get this working is to swap the optical leads into the head unit with the bluetooth/CD changer optical lead.
The downside of this is bluetooth no longer works and an SOS error appears on the dash... and to be honest the ipod is far from easy to use this way as it's slow.. classed as 6 cds, doesn't charge and generally isn't user friendly at all.
I have thought about adding Parrot MKI9200 to give me full ipod access but then I have 2 lots of bluetooth in the car and I'm not sure how it would work with standard stereo /amp setup.
Really any help..options suggestions would be very welcome, I know anything can be done with the right amount of money but an easy affordable option would suit a ten year old car better.
For me to keep cost down and simple the best option would be my existing head unit, ipod integration and adding an amplifier with updated door speakers.

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Re: E92 coupe ( with idrive ) stereo options

Post by M60NJP » 28 Apr 2017, 07:26

maxwell is our resident guru on this and will be along shortly!

(Cheers Andy!)

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Re: E92 coupe ( with idrive ) stereo options

Post by Maxwell » 30 Apr 2017, 09:44

If you go aftermarket and remove the CCC you will lose some of the car options, you could add AUX easily and cheaply so you can plug your phone etc in for music.
All other things will cost £££
If you want to stay OEM them you could upgrade to Logic 7 system, amp and speakers are available on Ebay but will involve lots of wiring and coding.
Addons such as Dension 500 can be fitted which has some idrive integration and can be problematic to fit unless you are familiar with wiring.
CIC or NBT as you are already aware are available to retrofit and considering the money involved you would be better going straight to NBT rather than CIC as costs are similar but the NBT is far superior

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Re: E92 coupe ( with idrive ) stereo options

Post by Shanusascarabus » 30 Apr 2017, 11:02

Thankyou Maxwell for the reply...
Any option seems pretty expensive regarding audio updates... head unit costs seem to be approx £350 for CIC and approx 5-600 for NDT, this is not including wiring and facial adapters .... let alone any coding.
However this would ( I guess ) do away with needing any Ipod adapters/interface.
As for the logic 7 set-up.... I'm not too sure, is this superior to the Alpine setup as it seems a lot of work, cost and wiring in due to speaker deletion in my car.
The reason I thought about alpine was speaker upgrade is literally 2 door speakers and the amp driving them and stock woofers under the seat. All I would need is the tweeter housing and wiring loom.
Also would the alpine be just plug and play on my system or need some coding ?
Regarding coding.. can this be done at home with some of the "eBay software" and a laptop??.... if so how easy is it.
A sensible approach imo would be speaker/amp upgrade first then think about head unit options later.... as it stands I can plug an ipod into aux using a double ended Jack lead but not too sure what quality will be like

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