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by AC Schnitzer UK
08 Oct 2014, 09:19
Forum: Forum News & Updates
Topic: UPDATED Homepage Car Pics
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Re: UPDATED Homepage Car Pics

One of my favourites from the past couple of years.
1.jpg (588.1 KiB) Viewed 708 times
by AC Schnitzer UK
08 Apr 2014, 20:17
Forum: Projects
Topic: M5
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Just done this for a customer. Dropped it off Weds, picked up Monday. Wheels, springs, front spoiler, rear diffuser, boot spoiler (BMW), roof spoiler, and exhaust. https://scontent-b-lhr.x...
by AC Schnitzer UK
07 Mar 2014, 16:45
Forum: AC Schnitzer UK
Topic: 323ti compact exhaust (E36)
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323ti compact exhaust (E36)

ACS have turned up a brand new sports silencer for the above model. Make me an offer I can't refuse...

01485 542000 ask for Lorcan the ACS minion :d
by AC Schnitzer UK
03 Mar 2014, 20:18
Forum: Bodywork
Topic: 635d Front lip wanted
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Re: 635d Front lip wanted

Jas ,Tayo's will be different as he has lci which is a different front bumper from ours. First point mate you will not be able to 'stick' on a front lip the lateral forces are to great.Normally lips and splitters are either glued on using products such as tiger seal or bolted or both.Also you will ...
by AC Schnitzer UK
03 Mar 2014, 20:06
Forum: BMW - Cars & Parts for Sale
Topic: Breaking Bmw E36 323i
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Re: Breaking Bmw E36 323i

Take a wheel off, if it's got a part number on the back starting with 36 they are genuine.
by AC Schnitzer UK
03 Mar 2014, 20:00
Forum: Wheels | Brakes | Tyres
Topic: Run Flats...
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Re: Run Flats...

Dump the run flats. They give a harsh ride and transmit a lot of shock to the wheel and suspension components. Even BMW don't fit them to M cars. ACS don't recommend them for ANY car.
by AC Schnitzer UK
31 Oct 2013, 17:59
Forum: Suspension
Topic: E36 M3 sports suspension
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E36 M3 sports suspension

AC Schnitzer sports suspension for the E36 M3 has been "NLA" for some time, but we recently created a new set for a customer by combining the right Bilstein shocks with Eibach springs and re-valving to Schnitzer spec. The customer was over the moon with the result, and we can now offer this as a pac...
by AC Schnitzer UK
31 Oct 2013, 10:32
Forum: AC Schnitzer UK
Topic: AC Schnitzer new online shop
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AC Schnitzer new online shop

I've been working on an online shop for AC Schnitzer UK for the last 3 months and it's just about ready. There are a few details to tidy up but I wanted to give you guys a sneak preview before we launch. It's here:" onclick=";return false; Let me...
by AC Schnitzer UK
17 Oct 2013, 20:03
Forum: AC Schnitzer UK
Topic: AC Schnitzer wheels for £299?
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Re: AC Schnitzer wheels for £299?

"Wheels" is correct. We have more than one for sale at that price. Some of these, notably 10J x 20", were over £800 each so £299 each for brand spankin' new is a bargain. A staggered set of 20s for an E60 was over £3k and is now £1196 (plus whatever adaptors you might need). What do you want, blood?...
by AC Schnitzer UK
11 Oct 2013, 14:10
Forum: AC Schnitzer UK
Topic: AC Schnitzer wheels for £299?
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AC Schnitzer wheels for £299?

Strange, but true... ... 23F30FEDED" onclick=";return false;

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